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mingMING Connection Mainz e.V. was a charitable organization founded in 2010 by the Executive Director, Dr. Jochen Decker with Anne Shih as Artistic Director. In the three years of its existence, MING Connection Mainz provided scholarships for young musicians, such as Igor Tsinman, Agnes Langer, Pavel Kolesnikov, to attend festivals and international competitions such as the ARD. MING Connection Mainz also provided, through its collaboration with Isis Concert Group, young artists with demo CDs and videos for auditions.

MING Connection Mainz had, at its centre of focus, the support and promotion of the young string ensemble, Mainzer Virtuosi, and was able to secure funding for both a CD of the 8 Seasons of Vivaldi and Piazzolla, as well as financial support from the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz for three concerts presenting new music, including a world premiere of Peter Seabourne's String Quintet, written for the Mainzer Virtuosi.

Because of the focus on the Mainzer Virtuosi, the organization will be re registered as a not for profit under the Mainzer Virtuosi name. We are delighted to receive some generous financial support from the REC Foundation in the US for projects which will involve the Mainzer Virtuosi.